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the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. the sonoma county sheriff's office is also investigating a complaint by a motorist who claims goalhouse pulled his gun on him during a traffic stop two months ago. now, goalhouse's lawyer says she could not comment because it was a pending personnel investigation r but leone did tell us he would only draw his weapon if there was a need for it based on his training and expertise. vic lee, abc7 news. >> all right, vick, thank you. >>> police are searching for the owner of two pitbull dogs that attacked four people. it happened in antioch on larksburg drive. one of the animals was shot and killed by authorities. abc7 news reporter alan wong is on the story. >> these were mean, nasty dogs. >> reporter: the two pitbull dogs bit through brian morgan's jacket on both arms and ripped two gashes in his hand. >> the bad one is here, the one they had to stitch up. >> reporter: he was walkhis two dogs on this path in antioch around 8:30 last night when the pitbull attacked two dogs. >> i hit it on the back of the head and that didn't have any affect ex
armed guard and heavy see dangerous at -- and heavy sedation. >> this morning, we are in front of what f.b.i. agents are calling paul ciancia's last known address in sun valley area which is out of the of los angeles. they say he lived here after spending the majority his life in new jersey. here is a look at man, paul ciancia, just 23-year-old, an unemployed motorcycle technician. on friday, according to the f.b.i., he was shot four times by airport police, arrested and hospitalized. authorities say he was dropped off at lax and began hunting t.s.a. agents to kill. he succeeded. the shooting spree caused 1,500 flight flight to be delayed and cancels with thousands forced to evacuate the airport. we spoke to a neighbor near his apartment who said his wife was home when the f.b.i. stormed his hope the. >> they remain forked in here and starting headed back here. she didn't know what to think. it seemed like this were 50 of them. >> they got here right after the shooting 'til about 1:00 o'clock in the morning. >> ciancia is accused of murdering 39-year-old t.s.a. agent hernandez and injuring t
the trigger? >> fbi joins an investigation into a east bay nursing home and a patient is now missing. >> new developments in the disappearance of a san francisco hospital patient. the search for the witness who spotted her. >>> a bay area newspaper explains it's decision to join the antired skin campaign. >>> police confirm what witnesses told abc7 news that a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old boy just moments after' arrived at the scene. good evening, i'm dan ashley >> we heard from a witness last week that the deputy fired within seconds of confronting that teenager. wnt we know he fired before the partner could get out of the car the victim holding what turned out to be an air soft gun designed to look like an ak 47. >> we're told demonstrators on the way to this court house square. and they should be here momentarily. there have been demonstrations here almost every day since this happened today's group gathered about a half mile away and are marching here to the town square where a rally is scheduled at 6:00. delayed as i mentioned this, group is a lot smaller than hundred
of the lessons is september 11thth is the need to work seamlessly across jurisdictions. we had the fbi director here today before knowing this was going to happen. i witnessed, as mayor of the city, seamlessness between agencies, between different levels of government. i personally want to thank each of the men and women across agencies that today have done incredible work. i want to t volunteers and staff at los angeles world airport, red cross, civilian team that's stand out and ensuring traffic is flowing. now, i'd like to give it over to the special agent in charge to say a few words. >> thank you. first off, i'd like to thank the media for your patience. this is a large-scale investigation. >> we're running into technical difficulty was the chopper in los angeles interfering with that news conference under way. and the mayor explained two people were shot in addition to tsa agent killed. and there were minor incidents as well. >> let's listen now and see if we have the audio back up. >> we're investigating his background and more about him. i'm not going provide much about that at this poi
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's in the department and has not been crimed. he has handled field training of officers. the f.b.i. is looking into the shooting with other local agencies. >> san francisco city parks and recreation worker accused of running over a sunbather wrapped up a court hearing and driving restrictions have been imposed for the 58-year-old thomas 35-year-old mother in a city vehicle. the defense attorney says that he swerved to avoid hitting aing do. >> celebrity chef will testify in a marin county courtroom today in the attempted murder and car theft case of 19-year-old max wade, accused of stealing his lamborghini from a repair shop in san francisco in order to impress a girl. investigators say wade then tried to kill her and her boyfriend when she rejected wade. the defense says this is no evidence linking waited to the crime. >> the alameda county district attorney will open an investigation into a senior living facility accused of leaving patients to fend for themselves. 14 disabled patients were found at valley springs manor in castro valley on saturday. the staff left after officials ordered the
francisco's muni and the santa clara valley transportation authority. >> the f.b.i. and state attorney general will meet to discuss launching an elder abuse investigation against a bay area nursing home. the valley springs manor in castro valley is abused of abandoning 14 patients after it was shut down by the state on a variety of violations. one patient is still missing after walking away on friday. this is 65-year-old last seen wearing a raiders shirt and fishing hat. the social services should have made sure they were safely transferred when they closed the home. >> you can still not make cell phone calls from the cab pin -- cabin but the order to turn off electronic devices will be a thing of the past. there are new f.a.a. regulations. >> we know the drill: prepare if take off and turn off all electronic devices. that will change. you will be able to keep your device in the "on" position gate to gate. >> like any regulation around for a long-term the world has changed in 50 years. let's take a fresh look. >> the f.a.a. is changing rules. >> i am pleased to announce airlines can sa
tipped off the fbi where to find osama bin laden. now he wants to be paid the $25 million reward. tom lee, he's an international jewelry marketer, says he told the fbi bin laden was hiding in pakistan in 2003. the fbi says bin laden's location was found using electronic intelligence and that it is likely bin laden didn't build his compound in pakistan until 2005. >>> 7:17. new information about the man accused in the deadly shooting at l.a.x. bob decastro is at the airport with more on what the suspect told police after the shooting and how it helped the investigation. bob? actually, we don't have bob right there at the airport. but we hope to check back in with him shortly for more on the shooting at l.a.x. on friday. >>> back here at home, we're gonna check in with sal. see, you've got several things happening right now, some big stories, sal. >> reporter: that's right. in san ramon, we're gonna go back there because we're looking at the corner of south wedgewood and stone leaf. newschopper2 has been over it. there it is. the chopper is looking at this corner where the chp says a crash
in the line of duty. >> the f.b.i. says ciancia shot his way through the terminal wounding two other officers and a teacher, shot in the leg. >> he dragged himself into a closet where he found a sweatshirt which he used as a tourniquet to slow or stop the blood. >> after airport police shot ciancia four times, they found the bag which contained five magazines full of ammunition and a hand written note addressed to the t.s.a. saying he hoped to instill fear on your traitorous mind. >> he made a decision to kill multiple t.s.a. employees. >> classmates of where he played the french horn said he was a loaner and a former roommate, not the one who dropped him off at the airport, called him nice. >> he said he was going back to new jersey to work with his dad. >> terminal 3 has re-opened. the alleged gun map remains unresponsive in a hospital room a few miles away with a gunshot wound to the head. if he regains consciousness he could face the death penalty. >> you can keep up with the new developments on the shooting with the we mobile app downloaded for free at >> breaking news
to run for safety. access to the airport, blocked the fbi confirmed the suspect's identity this, man, a 23-year-old paul ciancia of los angeles. federal agents questioned his parents in new jersey his father is a business owner. police say, there, rather, tell us the suspect sent his brother a text kath he may have been suicidal. ciancia was shot and wounded in terminal three. we begin with the developments in the abc7 newsroom. >> reporter: let's talk about the bag. inside investigators say they found a hand written note that said he wanted to kill tsa officers and pigs, referring to police. witnesses who saw him handle that rifle say it was obvious he was there to do a lot of damage. this video from tmz shows passengers running for safety the gunman began shooting inside lax. >> i'm looking at him, my wife. to tell they're okay. say three we're going run out of the door. i was waiting when he is pointing down. we're running. >> i look over by escalator. like 20 feet away. i see shell casings falling. i see shooting. >> reporter: the gunman moved to the screening station where pa
of view. and, obviously, to the fbi for whom this program is beneficial. so from nsa's point of you i think we've made a few points publicly, which is found this is a valuable program, that along with many other surveillance tools contributes to our mission. it was intended to help cover a team can make the connections between foreign threats and any -- they might have. i think i would make the point though that 215 in particular, which is the telephone m.e.d.i.c. program, maybe i should just start with a success odyssey the panel is well versed in this program, only involves telephone metadata. does not involve any content of telephone calls. does not involve any identifying subscriber information and an essay does not collect any location. this tool is used about as a discovery to in order to to discover, on earth potential is to domestic to the international threat but if such tips are evidenced when over to the fbi for further investigation. i think though that in the public debate there's been a lot of discussion of name applaud without this tool inevitably what happened and i th
revelations of colintelpro were brought forward by citizens who broke into the fbi and local office in pennsylvania. at that time out raged publicly was so enormous that the programs were quickly stopped. although j. edgar hoover did say he considered them a success and there was great possibility they could be reopened in the future. but church who is a democrat from idaho said every presidential administration in the past be it republican or democrat had abused their power and he's had quote the nsa's capability at any time could be turned around on the american people and no american would have any privacy left. if any did cater ever took over the nsa would enable it to impose total tyranny. there would be no way to fight back. i don't think it's true there's no way to fight back. we have choices we can make us consumers and quite honestly consumerism has brought us to a large degree to where we are now. i think we have seen such failures of government officials who have taken an oath to uphold the constitution to really do their job. it's worth reminding us that as we the people
. the fbi says ciancia is currently in the hospital and is unresponsive. >>james: another airport scare this one in alabama just two days after the deadly shooting at lax. now calling into question is airport security. details coming up. and it was a trip back in time for many as they celebrate their anniversary. we spoke with officials who hope this popular event will turn into an annual event. and it seems as a liquor edward snowden is missing home. with the details in his latest appeal to u.s. officials. >>anny: welcome back. a scare at birmingham alabama's international airport just two days after the deadly shooting at lax is calling into question airport's security. how safe are you at an airport? do americans deck there's a get the nation's airports for granted? cnn's a shelby lynne explains why they shouldn't. >>: sunday afternoon off authorities evacuated the airport over a bomb threat. police say someone found a note containing a spread prompted the evacuation. it cost for cancellation of a dozen flights. birmingham police sergeant says a search at the airport turned up nothin
of a federal officer and committee on violence at an international airport. the fbi says that ciancia is currently in the hospital and is unresponsive. >> new details and a security scare that happened aboard a flight headed for sfo. police arrested a man on suspicion of public intoxication after he allegedly made threats aboard a jet blue flight from long beach to s f o friday night. one passenger said that he screamed " this plane is going down. " once the flight arrived at sfo officers searched the plane and the man's luggage. they did not find anything suspicious. police escorted the passenger off the plane and booked him into a san mateo county jail. >> it sounds like the plot of a bad movie. federal authorities say that a gr enarious malaysian businessman nicknamed "fat leonard " obtained u.s. military secrets by at lining up hookers, lady gaga tickets and other bribes for a navy commander. that accusation is unfolding in a federal court case in san diego signal serious national security breaches and corruption. the case has set of high-level meetings at the pentagon, with the t
lopez with what turned out to be a replica a-k-47. several agencies are investigating - including the f.b.i. but it's gelhaus' own words that are putting his actions >> in an article he wrote in swat magazine back in november 2008, he said -- "today is the day you may need to kill someone in order to go home. somebody needs to be in charge, so make a decision." >> and in the same article, he said "when you are caught in an ambush, you need to make your decisions immediately and carry them out just as quickly. you need to shut down the bad guys who initiated the ambush so that you can go home." >> hundreds of people are expected to march through downtown santa rosa tuesday afternoon to protest the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old andy lopez by sonoma county sheriff's deputy erick gelhaus last week. santa rosa police are advising motorists to expect traffic congestion on mendocino avenue between downtown santa rosa and the bicentennial way just north of the sheriff's office between noon and 5 p.m. a post on the justice for andy lopez facebook page states one group of marchers will gather at no
to hear you say no more surveillance. keep it going, now. i'm flyer for the fbi. i'm flyer for the cia. no more no more no more surveillance a little bit louder, i like it like that, now. no more surveillance, keep your internet navigating, keep the internet navigating, got to fight the powers that be, got to fight the powers that be, got to fight the powers that be, keep it going like that, y'all. keep it going like that, y'all keep it going like that, y'all let them hear you in the white house let them hear you with those big old years. let them hear you with those big old ears let them hear you when they are tapping your phone's. let them hear you when they are tapping your phones. fuck the nsa. ♪ >> sexual chocolate. clap your hands, not-for-profit. all right, coming to the stage, we have dennis kucinich, former member of congress and two-time presidential candidate. friends and enemies, brothers and sisters, dennis kucinich. [applause] >> thank you. we are gather this afternoon before our nation's capital to call for an end to the spying and an end to the lying. 12 years ago ame
the officer. they want to do a thorough investigation. the fbi has also been involved. >> thank you. and as this investigation more information is coming out about that deputy we are learning more about the deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. 48-year-old erick gelhaus. a 24-year veteran of the sheriff's office. he is also a field training officer and firearms instructor. he and another deputy were on patrol when they spotted lopez with what turned out to be a replica a-k-47. in an article he wrote in swat magazine back in november 2008, he said -- "today is the day you may need to kill someone in order to go home. somebody needs to be in charge, so make a decision." and in the same article, he said "when you are caught in an ambush, you need to make your decisions immediately and carry them out just as quickly. you need to shut down the bad guys who initiated the ambush so that you can go home." >> keep it tuned here to kron four as we continue to follow the latest with the andy lopez protests. you can also get updates on our facebook and twitter pages, kron four-dot-com, and our
a deputy shot lopez seven times killing him. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation. >>> whipping winds caused a scene in the bay area from toppling trees and knocking out power to overturning big rigs. the strength of the winds quite evident. at least one truck driver suffered minor injuries. >>> they died down a bit. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, marla. the winds are dropping off. we saw gusts to 75 miles per hour through the altamont pass. this morning we still have pretty strong speeds that will be the case the next few hours. as we progress throughout the day the winds will drop off and the shower chances increase. best chance later today in the south bay and east bay. 63 degrees in concord, 61 san jose, it's going to be cold. then we warm up tuesday into wednesday, upper 60s to low 70s return. here is mike inouye and your drive. >> we have returned to your coliseum. during the 6:00 hour we had a backup and a crash that has cleared. we show you the slowdown that continues as folks head through the a
ak-47. several agencies are investigating the shooting - including the f.b.i. community leaders are planning a march tomorrow in santa rosa to demand more information. >> the san francisco parks employee. thomas burnoski. accused of running over a woman in the park. now has a restricted driver's license. under a court order issued today. he can only drive for his job, child care or for counseling sessions. he's pleaded not guilty the hit and run death of 35 year old christine svanemyr. who was sunning in holly park with her child last month. burnoski was driving a city truck at the time. he's been suspended from his job. coming up. television food personality, guy fierei's car was stolen. >> this was quite a year. and it was gone for over one year. and we would get calls all the time. my friends would say that i just saw your car on the freeway. believe it or not there is more than one yellow liberty. people would call and weather is more than one-yellow lambert of the knethe car is a lambrogini.. and the closing arguments are wrapping up. j.r. stone is in marin county we will h
? as tracy says, that may be a rhetorical question. let's bring in former fbi cyberterrorism official michael thadis and former homeland security secretary, tom ridge. he joins us by phone. let me begin with michael here. so we have the white house meeting with ceos today of various companies. we have mastercard, we have northrop grumman, from the defense sector, bank of america. i mean this all sound very good but are we really safe from cyber attacks at this very moment? >> we're not even close and i don't think the effort that's underway right now in today's meeting a part of is getting us very close. we're not talking about anything close to security standards that companies can implement. there is a lot of fear out there that the government will tell us how we need to protect our networks? do we need to use this software or that hardware. we're so far away from that it is almost mind boggling. i'm not even sure what the strategy is at this point. ashley: let me bring in on that note, governor ridge. that is the big question, isn't it? getting the public and private sector to work togethe
. it >> the fbi has identified the suspect as a 23 year-old resident of las angeles. >> a man with an assault rifle approach a security officer inside terminal 3. >> the man approached security and started shooting. >> a 39 year-old tsa officer was killed he was checking travel documents at a check point and he was the first officer to have died in the line of duty since the agency was established in 2001 appeared >> the gunman is 23 years old he is a u.s. citizen formally a resident of new jersey and we are currently investigating his background and more about him. >> the incident raises some questions about security inside of the nation's airports especially below large airports like las angeles international. >> los angeles airport is one of those airports that is tough to secure 100 percent because of its massive size. >> passengers are frustrated at the delays. >> the shooter was described as sending rambling text messages to his family about the living conditions here in los angeles and that the security searches at the airport were a violation of his constitutional rights. >> and many
. the fbi says that ciancia is currently in the hospital and is unresponsive. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. two planes collided in mid-air. how all the passengers managed to survive the incident coming up. >> while posting pictures online kalanchoe in trouble in one country. we will tell you we're coming up next. use chase freedom at and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. >> welcome back. an incredible tale of survival when two planes collided in mid-air most of those planes were filled with sky divers, everyone survived. >> this is in superior, wisconsin. no serious injuries were reported. it happened at 12,000 ft., as the two planes were flying in formation. >> one plane with four skydivers, the other with five. the impact caused a fireball and shredded off the right wing of one of the planes, but all the sky divers on the two planes were able to jump. . the pilot of one plane was ejected using an emergency parachute and suffered minor injur
weeks from now we'll see the trial of michael steinberg and i assume the fbi continues to try to turn witnesses against him. so i think you can't rule that out in the future, but i would probably not expect it at this point. >> the only reason i ask is because if you remember and you remember so well given -- now we're talking about a $1.8 billion settlement, 600 was already from a prior settlement, some people meant the whole thing was over. here we are they would argue we're sort of double dipping. it seems to me they're taking a second bite at the apple, why not take a third? >> right. i think that's certainly possible. the 600 from earlier this year is an interesting discussion. i think in the hedge 23u7bd cumulatikmu cumulative -- fund community, i think you would have expected this to be tied up. instead you have steve cohen fighting personal charges that he failed to supervise errant employees, which is the nature of a pending civil case against them. and i'm glad you brought it up, actually, because that won't go away with today's settlement. they'll still have to fight that n
. >>> the fbi reveals details of a handwritten detail by the man accused in the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. why investigators say the heavily armed gunman chose to target the busy airport terminal. >>> now as he tries to leave the field, he's going to collapse, go to his knees. >> sideline scare. houston texans' head coach gary kubiak collapses during the sunday night football game, the second nfl head coach to be hospitalized over the weekend. >>> and sky diver survival. a midair collision at 12,000 feet forces jumpers to make a life saving decision. >> wings came off, they were on fire, everybody got out safely. rings came off, everybody got out safely.
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24